DryTex Over Trousers

DryTex Over Trousers


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  • £42.26
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All chemicals may take 5-10 workings days.

Stay dry, stay comfortable, stay healthy, wear drytex.

  • Easy to wear, waterproof and breathable clothing
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 70% Breathable
  • Taped seams
  • Two side pocket openings
  • Elasticated waist
  • Stud fastening hem for narrower leg

For any fabric to be considered fully waterproof it must be able to withstand the pressure of a column of water 1000mm high without leaking. This is classed as a hydrostatic head rating of 1000.

drytex hydrostatic head rating > 3000.

Water-vapor permeability indicates breathable performance of textiles and is a measure of the passage of water vapor through materials.

drytex >3000g/m²/24hours, therefore drytex allows 70%perspiration to evaporate.

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